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Console newbie looking for a guild.

Soul Shriven
TLDR - Console newbie with no online experience looking for a guild or a group of players or player.

Hey there, Merry Christmas
As the title mentioned, I'm a new console player(September) and till now I've been only playing single player games,mostly exclusives to get a feel for the controller and also enjoy the games. The only online experience I have is with Red Dead Redemption Online but well that's a fully different type and genre. Saw ESO on sale and bought the Collection without sub (RIP inventory space) and just finished downloading.
I'm looking for a small tight knit guild(or a group or just another player) where everyone knows one another and goofs around doing crazy sh*ts and most importantly is ready to teach a new players and is patient (Damn, that's a lot of "and" in one sentence). I don't get mad if we failed a dungeon in other games and probably laugh at ourselves and trust me some of them were biggest contenders for EPIC Fails of all time :P . If you think I'll be a good fit for your band of lunatics then shoot an invite my way. My PSN id is Drak0n_Kynigos (please don't ask.....I was 19).

I'm mainly a PC player with some past ESO experience. Bought it before the One Tamriel update but didn't play that much. Came back a year ago and managed to get to CP170 solo with only overland quests before getting bored and taking a break again a few months back. That's all with mouse and keyboard and never used a controller. I'm still not accustomed to using it. I'm now trying to get into dungeons and eventually some end game stuff but that's a long way off.

I'm mainly a Tank or a Healer in other MMORPGs but they were all tab targets with the holy trinity system. Only once I Tanked a dungeon is ESO and tried to grab all the adds like FFXIV and..................well,let's just say I made a new character and never done a dungeon again.......or Tank.........or,you get the point.

I'm 24 and I have a Mic and Discord but not being a native English speaker and trying too hard to sound cool my accent is all over the place and my voice...........uhm, well Puberty loved me so much that it left it's mark in me voice to remember it by.

Welp, that's a long ass post. Thanks for reading. Have a great day \o/ . Sorry for this looong ass post and if I made any mistake in it.

P.S - Not interested in joining a massive ass guilds where every member is nothing more than a number to show off.

Edited by Kynigos on December 27, 2018 6:22AM
  • MrsPink
    Hi @Kynigos

    I will send you an invite to my guild Dark Royalty later today. For what you want out of the guild I suggest you also join our discord server, you find the invite code on our discord server.

    We have a tight knit core group of members that all are willing to help out. And also a good mix of veteran players and new players.

    Hope to see you join.

    Mrs Pink
    GM of Dark Royalty
    PS4 EU
    Karma's just sharpening her nails and finishing her drink. She says she'll be with you shortly.
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