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Looking for a... patient guild

Soul Shriven
So in today's Internet TMI, I am a person with a social anxiety disorder. Like, a life-disrupting one and not the kind people get when they push instead of pull a door on the first try. I am playing MMOs as a step to try and get over this. I have been playing ESO a while and am CP 404, but never go beyond normal dungeons. I've never done a trial, or seen most of the DLC stuff. I guess I'm looking for a guild that is patient with someone like me, someone who wants to have fun and make friends but is maybe-sorta awful at it at first. I am an adult, 32, and I am all about inclusion and I hate discrimination and toxic crap in all its forms, which should be obvious but we all seem to have to say it.

I do get comfortable eventually, just takes time. I know most guilds want progression and not someone so casual, so I dunno if anything will come of this, but if any Guild master can relate and wants a partner in crime in game I'd love to try. My PSN is Kydru -- just send me a message if it sounds like a good fit.
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