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erstwhile sanctuary/housing issues.

so i've been having issues with the erstwhile sanctuary since it released, was hoping that the issues would've been fixed by now, and am wondering if other people are having the same issues with this house and/or other houses.

1. random, numerous items ranging from: trophies, crafting stations, specialty furnishing items, assistants, etc are completely blacked out.
2. flooring coming thru rugs and other items even on level surfaces. where you end up having to make things float off the floor to prevent this.
3. lights show as turned off but when you look at them they say press A to extinguish and you have to "turn them off" and "back on" again.
4. the dark brootherhood stained glass window doesn't display in the wall, but the reflection on the ground will occasionally show up.
5. 95% of the time when i travel to that particular house i get dc'd and have to try and travel in 2 or 3 times before i can get in.
6. if there are 4 or more people in that particular house while i am there i get dc'd.
7. furnishing items won't render.

i've sent numerous bug reports to eso via the bug report option in help in game, and have e-mailed eso directly and the only "solution" i've gotten is file a bug report. which i have submitted several, and e-mailed several times about this. was curious how widespread the issue is or if i'm the only one having this isssue. thanks!!!!!


so now i'm also getting reports from guildies that they're getting constantly dc'd while in my house. that even trying to parse on one of the 6 dummies in there is kicking several people at a time and to the point when they try to log back in to that specific character that was last in my house, it takes about 10 min in a loading screen, or will dc them a couple more times before they can spawn in there. i still have received no help from eso on any of these issues.
  • shatterjugs
    so to answer the comment on my thread that was moved:

    i initially posted in players helping players, as evident by the date. when i didn't get a response here i posted in the bug report section. then decided to post in the tech support section since as i stated above i have reached out several times starting months ago about said issues and no one is helping. so saying that they haven't responded due to the holidays inaccurate since i initiated contact for help several months ago and no one will answer me.
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