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Veteran Halls of Fabrication - Reassembly Commitee: Ruined Factotums reposition after spawning

userid: @Kilnerdyne
server: PC / EU
location: Halls of Fabrication, Vvardenfell

When: 4th boss, Reassembly Committee, Reclaimer spawns Ruined Factotums around the arena.
Everytime?: Happens more often to Factotums spawning close to the Reclaimer. Not often but enough.
What happens: Factotum spawns out of the ground and repositions itself by running to the left/right/forward to a different position at superspeed. Often meaning it is alot closer to the Reclaimer than when it spawned.
What is meant to happen: Factotum comes out of the ground and walks slowly in a straight line to the middle boss, is either killed or gets empowered by Reclaimer and runs to explode on a random player.
Since when has this been happening: Since Morrowind launch.
Late Night Dungeoneers - - EU PC EP
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