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Question for Game Devs

Considering some addons cover basic options like a minimap why was this never been considered for official patch?

I run 4 addons (down from 6 which was down from 8 because of conflicts with the game and each other: minimap, harvest map, adavnced location grouping, and an auto fill for food and soul gems for weapons). Husband runs the original 8 addons and has yet to exp ANY of the problems I have. We play over the same network, connected to the same modem, with almost identical gaming pcs and yet I have issues! If the addons were the problem they why is he not having the same errors?

PLEASE stop telling me it's the adddons because so far the only difference is who is operating the game!!!!!!!!!

I will add this is a brand new build pc so the game is also a brand new install. I am running a brand new windows install. I am tearing my hair out trying to figure out why this is not working.
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  • VaranisArano
    I believe that Votan's minimap, for example, is actually something that was left out of the official game, and the minimap addon just reactivates that in the options.
  • Royaji
    So you can believe that it depends on who is sitting at the PC but can't believe that you've installed something incorrectly? Intreresting. Use Minion to make sure all of your addons are installed correctly.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    You probably have a file that's not parsing correctly due to an update/non-update of an addon at some point, unless your husband also uses the exact same markers and settings as you do, also?

    You could literally copy his Addons and relevant saved variables files to your machine and your issue would probably cease to be an issue.

    It doesn't take much for an addon to break, and the chances increase as the associated files get larger.

    Either purge your files, or duplicate his. You can make a backup first, if you'd like.
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  • qbit
    Use the Voltan one like someone else said. That one activates what’s already there. The others are (well-done) hacks. But hacks none the less.

    Also your addons are messed up. I run about 40 addons. No issues. But I also know lua and work in computers. Your mileage may vary.

    I run voltan mini map with harvest map. No issues ever.
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  • qbit
    Post the lua error you are getting. Make a screenshot. Or explain what the problem is.
    PC-NA: @q.bit
  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    Ok so update:

    Deleted (moved all addons out of the eso live folder) and ran a repair then copied the addons back into the folder and ran minion to check everything was up to date)

    Also I am using Votan's mini map so good to know I picked the right one. I have used minion's back up feature to give me an extra bit of peace of mind.

    Everything is working again and it seems I have stumbled onto a fix if things go skew whiffy again.

    I will be saving this thread because it's always good to have the suggestions just in case - thanx.
    Magic does not die. It merely sleeps until called forth into the world again.
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