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Unable to load Character - Help Please

I was playing my HP847 Warden this morning in Summerset, Went to a wayshrine and tried to teleport....The Screen froze half way through it and stuck.Waited 10 mins on the screen to see if anything would happen but it remained the same. Next thing I tried was closing app, restarting console and even though I can choose this character from the Character Selection screen, it starts loading then the music stops and the screen freezes again...Tried it 5 times to no avail.

Could someone please either teleport this character to somewhere where I can access it again, or help me solve this issue please ?

PSN: StephanieA_BT
Character Stephanie Warden
Faction AD.


Delphine Veteran Rank 16 AD Sorcerer.
GM Guild Timeless Circle
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