cyro time frozen world bug

so i am sure i am not the only one who has expereienced this but, I will describe it because this is a bug report.

Expected behavior: game world functions other players run around trying to kill you.

Experienced behavior: I can move around fine but everything and everyone else is frozen. skills cannot be used. cannot mount. sometimes you will also experience super speed. and then you get logged out. Next you can log back in but usually get logged out immediately if you try and load the character this happened to.

It seems this happens with super over pop scenarios, and this work around seems reasonable. Cap the pop and throw everyone else to "frozen time". I just really wish the exception handling could be done without logging you out and freezing out your character for a time.

I understand these issues aren't easy and cannot be 'fixed' i just wish there was a more elegant way to handle the exception then getting booted.
  • chris25602
    this happened 3 times in a row tonight in cyro each time took 5-10 minutes to resolve itself and each time i tryed to reenter combat i got booted.
  • chris25602
    4 times
  • Sivaas23
    Soul Shriven
    Frozen world happens to me whenever i get disconnected from the game. Sometimes happens at a dolmen, and I can walk around and look at all the players and monsters standing still for a few moments before being kicked to the log-in screen.
  • Thunderclap
    It's the "normal" behaviour for that game. Reported over 10.000 times by 10000 players. But Zeni don't care or is not able to fix it.
    Here is "my personal" disconnect counter:

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  • SpacemanSpiff1
    means you got desynced and will be dropped. welcome to cyrodiil
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