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Guild vs Guild vs Guild: Organized Play Signups

Coordinated group play, like a lot of you probably already feel, is what keeps us PvPers playing ESO. Playing against other good premade teams and growing in team skill rather than individual skill is what keeps the competitive spirit burning. I enjoy a good pug smashing with my team; however, in the end, it doesn't really sate my hunger for taking on a team of similar skill. In an effort to organize and structure next level battlegrounds, I'm going to begin coordinating structured Guild vs Guild vs Guild matches.

How it Works
  1. Team lead will apply to this thread with team or guild name, and hours of availability in which you can participate.
  2. Team lead will join a specific Discord sent via Forum PM.
  3. Team lead will change Discord nickname to his or her "@IGN(Team/Guild Name)".
  4. Team leads will challenge other team leads, and organize a time to play as well as "specific gametype" to queue for.
  5. All three team leads will join the voice channel and queue their respective team's into a battleground.

Via voice coordinating, if all three teams get a pop at the same time, you take it. If even one team doesn't get a pop, all three requeue together. Once you're in load screen, establish what the map and gametype is to confirm you're all three playing together. Once in, leave the premade discord voice channel and go back to your team's/guild's discord to coordinate with your team. Rinse and repeat.

As of right now, I have yet to decide on item and skill set bans; I'll let the community come to a general consensus. It would be pretty cool to host a 4v4 and the last 4 do nothing at all with the intent of letting it be a true 4v4. The team watching could even live stream it as an official guild vs guild event? Thoughts?

Follow the above rules and establish your @IGN and guild name one you join discord. Anyone not a team lead will be kicked from the discord server, this is just a medium to organized structured BGs.
Sign up below and I'll PM you a link to the discord.
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PC NA :: @Filthy_Rizz
  • wheem_ESO
    There was a group of us that ran some coordinated queues with 3 teams last Saturday (mixing up the teams after pretty much every game), and it was fun. We were playing the regular 4v4v4 though, and not just 4v4 with an "observer" team. Having only two teams facing off against each other may be better balanced, but it'll also most likely require the third team to twiddle their thumbs for the full 15 minutes, since with decent healing no one is likely to reach 510 points (and none of our teams ever hit 510 in 4v4v4, I don't think).

    Streaming and/or recording the games would be worthwhile. I know of one person that was streaming our games, but the video doesn't exist on their twitch channel, which is a bummer. Seeing the games from a different perspective would have been nice, but I don't know if anyone else recorded anything.

    When it comes to what should or shouldn't be allowed, I'm personally open to various arguments, but would firmly say that there needs to be a 100% ban on the Shield Breaker set, and Werewolf + Torug's Pact builds. I know at least one of your premade buddies likes to run that, but it's completely broken right now. When ZOS fixed the issues with "glyph gate" and single target DOTs, they somehow left out the WW bleed - it'll still trigger 2x full strength enchants on cooldown, and it's beyond ridiculous. That means that Werewolf itself is "overpowered," since no other single target DOTs work that way anymore, but it's really Torug's Pact + Infused weapons that make it silly. "Regular" WW builds are probable fine.

    There could potentially be a problem if there are some players and teams with MMR that are too different from one another. Pretty much everyone we had last weekend was in the really high MMR bracket(s), and there weren't any real issues; maybe just once or twice where one team didn't get a queue when the other two did. Generally speaking, though, they were the fastest queues I've had in a while (barring someone having to go afk).
  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    We still need at least two other teams to register their captain/guild as well as team name to get this rolling.
    PC NA :: @Filthy_Rizz
  • Thogard
    I can almost always put a group together for this if needed
    PC NA - Thogard / Sir Thogalot / Thoggy Boi jr / Thogaine / Madam Clamslam
  • Fake Remedy
    Fake Remedy
    EU ez mode healbot looking for NA sponsor for bg pvp
    [EU PC] @fake_remedy
    DC Difficult Situation
    EP Fake Remedy
    AD Colonic Irrigation
  • del9
    Admirable. For a few patches this was impossible. But since the most recent mmr changes we have been able to sync queues relatively quickly, as Wheem said.

    Pre-summerset, we used to do this all the time, but with less of a competitive lean. Squadding up is fun, but whats much more fun is 12 players solo qing to randomize teams and mix up some of the usual matchups. Then all stay in the same voice channel for maximum luls.

    Competitive premades would be fun, but you may as well go 3 way. If you want a controlled 2 way fight, might as well organize groups to GVG in cyro. No one wants to spectate from inside a bg.

    I’m not ‘signing up’ here, but if you ever want to get a group together to play with the big boys, hit any of us in this thread up.

  • NoMoreChillies
    6v6 guild vs guild would be awesome.

    I'd play
    Insulting people on the internet is cowardly.
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