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NPCs and other environmental characters for your home

I do believe I've seen other threads concerning this topic, but I just want to throw my two cents in :wink:

Ever since housing was added I have had this feeling of "emptiness" whenever I visit my homes. I really do miss the whole coming "home" and being greeted by moving and talking NPCs - like bards, spouses and guards. I know we have Assistants that we can place in the home, but it's just not the same.

That is why I would love for there to be added a new category to housing: "Environmental/Ambient Characters"

Included in this category I would like to see:

- Bards/minstrels/Jesters/other entertainers
- "Spouses"
- Civilian NPCs
- Soldier NPCs
- Domestic animals - like cows, sheep and chickens
- Wild animals - like rabbits, birds and squirrels
- Fish, both single fish and schools - so that we can make our waters feel more alive
- Butterflies and Torchbugs - preferably in large clusters

And most importantly, it would be an awesome feature if we were then able to set these characters to either be "stationary" (so they stay where they are placed) or "in motion" (so that they move about, like they do in the rest of the world). The humanoid NPCs should of course also be able to talk, either by simple greetings and phrases when you walk by, or actual conversations when interacting with them directly.

I know a lot of these ideas and features are big dreams, but hey - a girl can dream :blush:

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you like to see something like this or similar? Do you have other wishes and dreams for your homes? Is there something far out and crazy you'd love to see added? I'd love to hear what other housing fanatics think :wink:
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  • Inhuman003
    add stableman and guards (Soldier NPCs) like Gargoyles, Ghosts, or Skeletons.
  • Jaraal
    I liked having a wife and kids to come home to in Skyrim. It's a shame we don't have that option in ESO.

    As far as having them wander, I think that would be a problem, since most folks modify the pathways, and it would probably take too much bandwidth to make NPCs have to calculate adaptive trajectories on the fly.
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  • BretonMage
    I love the idea of NPCs in the house, but I think it makes the house feel more lived in if you could actually talk to them.

    And if we could actually have a quest-related spouse/marriage/companion system like we do in Skyrim, I'd be willing to buy a DLC for that.
  • Nightfall12
    I would be happy if you could place or other Characters in your house when you log them off. Place them with an emote or something if you want them sleeping in a bed or sitting at a table. That way you could add some life to the homes and get the chance to compare your charecters side by side even!

    The toon you are playing would not be present.
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  • Rebirthment
    I really do hope ZOS adds this in here. But to add on to this myself, i would love if you could 'hire' Sarandel and her carnival from post quest in grahtwood along with Elandora and The Dancing Scrib.from Malabal Tor.
  • Aknunsus
    Good suggestion, I'd like to see this stuff too!
  • M_Volsung
    I'll support this idea only if I can have Naryu wearing a maid's uniform wandering about my house.
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  • djcellular
    Soul Shriven
    @M_Volsung I like how you think, I guess I better start hoarding my crowns now so I can be ready! :)
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