Impossible to turn in the Tharayya quest in Volenfell

Since I am leveling up a few alts I have noticed that the Volenfell quest has become quite buggy. After you kill the three guardians, we are supposed to run out of the place when the skeletons arrive. You are supposed to talk to 'Tharayya' outside, but she never shows up and the game thinks that you are still in combat. I have experienced this with multiple toons and in multiple runs
  • StytchFingal

    Yeah, it's a little buggy these days but not impossible. Sometimes if you go through the door too quickly she won't show up, and you have to go back in to force the quest to progress.

    Had to find a way to kill myself to stop the in combat bug ( I couldn't go back through the door with the bug active) when I soloed it on a new toon the other day because I wasn't sure I had time to wait for the queue. Took off my food and armor and jumped off the cliff, then took the portal back from the entrance. Combat bug went away with death, and as soon I opened the door to the skelly room Tharayya came running up. I stepped back through and was able to turn in the quest.
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  • SupremeRissole
    just slow down and wait for quest NPC to go through the door before you.
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