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Does anyone else have issues selecting quest focus?

I will try to explain: I sometimes find I can't select what quest for the game to focus on - I am forced to quit the game and log back in to be able to select the quest I want to focus on. This will happen several times in a single session and is a real pita when it happens and I am playing along side my hubby who then has to wait patiently while I quit and log back on.

He has an identical set up as me in regards to addons and to date IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO HIM! Please do not say it's the addons, it's NOT the addons. It's never the addons.
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Best Answer

  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    Thankfully no lui errors for a while so I hope that means I've sorted that much. But I repeat, hubby and I have similar pc builds, exact same addons and log in from same wifi router at home but he dosen't get the problems I do. Connectivity issues, quest focus issues... But right now just curious why quest focus intermittently stops allowing me to chose the quest I want to focus on without having to quit and log back in.
    Magic does not die. It merely sleeps until called forth into the world again.
    Accepted Answer
  • Wavek
    I haven't had that issue. I don't use any addons that effect the journal or quest tracker either. I don't know if your issue is addons or not, but the only way to know is to disable all of them and see if the issue happens even once.

    Do you ever get any LUA errors when playing? (or are you using any addon that might be suppressing them?) Every now and then I get an error that causes anything I loot to not show up in my inventory unless I /reloadui or relog. That one happens even if I have no addons enabled, perhaps there is something similar for quest tracker.
  • themaddaedra
    Whatever they changed with quest tracking it's totally messed up. I don't know if this is same bug as yours but on one of my characters active quest is just not showing on screen. It's always the same character out of 8, it's been going on for a while so it's not relog/reload issue and my characters have same addons so it's not related to any addon.

    Another issue is tracker is changing active quest at will. When you pick up a new quest, it becomes active quest, but when you teleport to anywhere your active quest changes to some random quest, given that you have more than one quest.

    I don't remember seeing one single person complaining about anything with previous quest tracker, nobody wanted it changed so idk whatever the hll ZOS is doing. They just can't stop adding new issues i guess.
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