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Is anyone seeing meaningful improvement in performance?

I'd like to get an understanding if any Mac users have experience any kind of meaningful improvement. My estimate is that 75% of the time I find it bearable. I still see load screens walking through cities and regularly (>50% of time) have load times of greater than 20 seconds trying to interact with merchants, banks, and crafting stations in cities.

Group dungeons are usually fine, but I am always the last one loading in to the point the group has started sometimes. A small portion of the time I have to deal with enemies that have not loaded fully so I cannot see them but are able to do damage.

BG is completely unplayable. I used to love <50 BG and it was my primary tool to level up new toons but not anymore. I just don't bother.

And the events are incredibly frustrating which tells me the primary issue is the volume of players in a given area. Clockwork City was barely playable, I was just going through the grind to get tickets, it was not fun. Undaunted was OK other than the well documented group finder problems. Now day 1 of New Life Festival is showing the problems are again magnifying. Load times have multiplied across the board. I'll spend the gold to port even while in a city like Daggerfall because I'll get 3-4 long load screens just walking across the city to the wayshrine. The fishing quest in Shadowfen is barely playable. There are SO MANY players fishing that most of the time the node is dried up before I even had a bite. It took forever to get 3 damn fish.

I'd love to hear if folks are still in the same boat or if you've seen meaningful improvement.

  • otab
    I saw meaningful improvement with the most recent patch. It's definitely not as good as it was with the openGL client pre-murkmire, but it's now very playable for me with my config.

    I don't do anything but PVE, so take my reports of improvement with large handfuls of salt. I do frequently notice points where my latency goes in the toilet for ~30s at a time, and then suddenly comes back.
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  • Evilspock
    yes the patch from last month or so fixed my graphics issues, running good as ever except for the recent crash issue.
  • Veladros
    Soul Shriven
    The most recent patch is better in terms of fps but still not as good as pre-murkmire.

    the patch was meant to fix the unexpected crash on quit and crash on reload ui which they achieved yet creating a 'new' problem where people crash every 20 minutes - 1 hour making it basically unplayable.

    By the looks of things ZoS when you do a fix (to Mac users) you don't let it go through normal procedures you have put in place when such things occur. how do you let out a patch where we gave so much feedback on the previous crashing issues to make a new crash issue that's worse and oh theres more, no one from ZoS after fixing our issue couldn't just play the game on a mac for 2 hours before releasing this excuse of a patch. I mean the New Life Festival is up!!

    Just please rather be upfront to ALL of us if you have no interest in the Mac community please tell us so we may get PCs or find another game that has better support and Dev's. Then everyone will move on.

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