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The Brotherhood of Bogans are closed - please delete thread.

Howdy all,

Yes the original guild for The Brotherhood of Bogans is still fully open and recruiting.

We are an Oceanic based guild with Australian, Kiwi and US players who play within the selected Timezone. Offering a full social/PVX guild that has been around nearly since the start of ESO on the PS4.

To date we as a guild have accumulated -
- A wealth of ingame experience with character builds and trial strategies.
- A weekly raffle with no weekly guild fees due.
- Full 9 trait master crafters.
- Fun pvp playing nights.
- Also other ongoing weekly events with prizes also to be won.

What we are looking for ......... Just you and that's it 😀 We do not have restriction on roles required nor do we discriminate against you potentially been a new and learning player. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and be part of our hood 😀

We have an active social ingame guild chat and an active Discord channel with people always present and we are more than willing to help with advice, as well completing ingame content such as normal and veteran trials with rostered teams.

Whether new to the game or an older player looking for something new, come check us out and see what's happening but please send through either a PSN chat request or ingame message to either myself - markopolo1234, petegamenut1985, aqua_sly or fenriz-the-cat.

Thankyou all 😀

GM - markopolo1234
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  • KayEnBee
    Hey Marko,

    I would love to rejoin if you’d have me. You know my PSN 😊😊


    [Edit to remove bait]
    Edited by [Deleted User] on October 8, 2018 1:45AM
  • Markopolo1234
    Sure will send you an invite :-)
  • Endding
    Soul Shriven
    I'd be interested.

    PSN - Endding_
  • Markopolo1234
    Sure mate I’ll organise an invite for you :-)
  • KayEnBee
    Great guild, drama free and totally chilled!!
  • Geistwolf
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings,I am a new player to the game looking to join up.PSN handle @Starkgeist NA server Thanks!
  • Bhaal5
    Oh, still havent recieved my invite as the creator of bob. Thought it must of disbanded already.
  • KayEnBee
    Hi Geist, I’ve asked an officer to send an invite!
  • keyagi
    Soul Shriven
    Would like an invite pls! :D PSN Keyagi
  • Markopolo1234
    Will do mate :-)
  • drrdiaz
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, can you invite me pls? I´m new to ESO
  • Markopolo1234
    Sure mate is your PSN name the same as this ?
  • drrdiaz
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for your reply!
    My PSN name is drrdiaz76

  • Carji_Greeves
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm a new Aus player with virtually no clue but would like an invitation if possible :)

    PSN Orbz101
  • Markopolo1234
    Hi mate the guild has now changed names to “Dropbear Militia” I’ll send you an invite.
  • Markopolo1234
    Hi all - This guild is now closed officially and we have relocated to a new guild. Please if interested signup on that thread.
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