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Sword singer

what would be the best skills set and attribute for a Yokudan sword-singer ?
Edited by Ashnarug on November 15, 2018 1:15AM
Eloni Blathka - Female Yokudan aka Redguard - Sword Singer hopeful / Stamina Warden - PC/NA/DC
Silan Timberhollow - Male Bosmer - Stamina Nightblade - PC/NA/AD
  • cjhhickman39
    I would go with a redguard stamina dragon knight
  • Ahzek
    And i thought here we were gonna talk about my favourite set FeelsBadMan.

    For a lore sword singer build i would recommend the morkuldin set. It summons a flying sword to fight at your side for a while.
    Edited by Ahzek on December 12, 2018 4:46PM
    Jo'Khaljor the bestest stam sorc (out of all 3) EU.

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