Stolen Blue Maelstrom Inferno Staff

I seen a Stolen Maelstrom Inferno Staff today linked in chat. Blue quality. Can anyone enlighten on how this happened?

I assume on PC you could put some code in. But this was on XBOX NA server.

I'm also very familiar with how and the quality they drop in given that I'm in the top 30 players on two classes..
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  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    You can still type the code in on Xbox too, just like on PC.
  • Trinity_Is_My_Name
    I've seen some interesting things posted in Zone Chat and when I click on the Link something not actually in game pops up. I have no idea how they do this.

    Saw a Master Jewelry Crafting Writ once linked in Zone Chat that had a reward of 34089 Vouchers. No idea how it's done.
  • Ahzek
    As far as I know, the item links in chat are basically made out of item IDs + certain attribute IDs. That means you can get the item ID of an item, for example a maelstrom inferno staff and then add a variety of certain attiributes. This means you can modifiy the trait, quality stolen and bound status of items at will, as long as you know the IDs.
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