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My new ASMR Channel - Relaxing Summerset video inside!

Dear everyone,

Some of you may know me for my videos and livestreams. I've been covering The Elder Scrolls Online for many years. Lately I toke a long, well deserved break, to refocus on new things.
And I'm very happy and proud to share with you the release of my new ASMR channel.

ASMR: Autonomus Sensory Meridian Response, a pleasing sensation of relaxation or tingle provoqued by certain audio or visual triggers, such as a calm voice, tapping sound, watching someone drawing. Bob Ross is recognised as the first ASMR artist by the community.

ASMR videos can help people with anxiety, insomnia, lonliness, stress, physical pain...

Let me share with you my video about Summerset: 10 minute of relaxation in Summerset, with calm music, ambiance sound and a soft spoken narration

If you are interested by ASMR, and my work, you will find more videos of the like, and some softly spoken face-to-face and ear-to-ear videos.

Edited by Elloa on September 8, 2018 8:44PM
  • Prabooo
    that is awesome, soooooo relaaaaaxiiiiiiiinnnnnnng ….
  • Imperial_Voice
    Well this is a small slice of awesome. Calms my brain.
  • Dorreah
    Very nice! If you would like a bit of criticism - please volume down that background music ;)
  • Elloa
    Tahnk you very much for the nice comments guys and the feedback!
  • Darkhorse1975
    I had no idea that these types of feelings I have appreciated since discovering them in early childhood had some sort of name and study until I came across one of Elloa's posts. Enlightened!
    Edited by Darkhorse1975 on September 25, 2018 5:42AM
    Master Craftsman!
  • Elloa
    Greetings everyone,

    This is another episode of the **TRAVELER SERIES** This is a narrated story, with the relaxing music of ESO.
    The story of **Elloa Lys** and **Looks-like-Cabbage**

    I hope you will enjoy this video!
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