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Can Crowns be bought using xbox credit?

Soul Shriven
My father plays ESO a lot but has yet to purchase any DLCs. For Christmas, I've suggested to my sister that we get him crowns for the crown store so that he can purchase the DLCs he wants (Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood to be precise). I'm an ESO plus member on a Mac so I'm not 100% sure how the crown store works on the Xbox one and have heard some mumblings that you can only do so with a credit card? Anyway, the question is if we purchase an Xbox gift card will Dad be able to purchase the DLC he wants? And if not, does anyone know a way we can gift either crowns or the DLCs themselves to him?
Thank You

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  • Ardaghion
    I think the Xbox gift card is the way to go. He'll be able to buy Crown packs in the Xbox store and then use the Crowns to buy DLC or any other Crown store items he wants.
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  • NewBlacksmurf
    Actual crowns can be purchased via an xbox credit (unless they'd made a change in the last 90 days) however if the intent is for DLC I'd suggest to buy them a chapter bundle via the xbox store and gift it to them (OUTSIDE OF THE GAMES CROWN STORE)

    I type this in caps because this game handles DLC, etc. different than other Xbox One games and crowns are limited to the specific server while the xbox store purchases of game bundles are not. Those are also purchase-able via an xbox store credit if you decide upon a gift card. Gift card via the xbox store can be gifted to another xbox account
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  • Sparr0w
    You can either buy credit to use one the store, or use a debit/credit card, you can even use paypal ;) and sign in on his account, or do it from his Xbox.
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