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So who are we supposed to talk to so the housing devs can get ideas/know what we want?

There is several homes I would like to see. Dlcs could for example use medium houses and I desperately want a clockwork city medium house or something else that is friendly for a garden.
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  • yodased
    The first course of action would be to put together a consensus of which housing project would be the best received by the player base and what they would feel a proper or even fair price for it would be.

    You would then have to verify intent of the players to purchase the house and have them sign a petition stating that intent.

    Then, you would need to get it peer reviewed for authenticity by a respected, but neutral party. You would have to see a cost benefit ratio that would be acceptable for the company to dedicate world building and housing time to.

    After all that. burn it in a fire because they already more than likely have the next 10-15 houses in preproduction.
    Tl;dr really weigh the fun you have in game vs the business practices you are supporting.
  • MornaBaine
    Aside from posting here in the forums and maybe even opening a feedback ticket in game your options are rather limited. And they don't seem to listen anyway.
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  • Jayne_Doe
    There have been several threads regarding houses we'd like to see and furnishings we'd like to have, so I'm sure someone at ZOS has at least looked at those.

    We've seen a few of the furnishings surface, I think. And we did get a boathouse (although it was placed in a giant grotto-ruin so they could charge more). We also got a wintry home for the New Life Festival, but it's an Imperial-style lighthouse in a snowglobe and is not available for gold like the Exorcised Cottage was.

    It's like they take some of our ideas to heart and then work on how they can best monetize it. The result is often NOT what players asked for.
  • Zypheran
    You know, I have never seen a dev comment on this forum section. A few mods have complimented some people's work but sometimes I get the impression that housing is the unwanted orphan that no dev wants!
    I know that in general, ZOS is poor at communicating but the Housing devs seem particularly absent.
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  • NatalyaPeterovna
    Flood the gen forum with one single dedicated thread to what we want then put polls asking which they wanna see based on response
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