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First home and add ons

Hay guys.

Wanting to start doing a home and wondered what add one there are and how useful they are. Also is there any home, people would recommend as a first place.

I have the psijic villa (way to big and out of the way) and most small quest apartments, but at this stage mainly only tried to make the Rosy lion apartment look the part.

Any tips appreciated.
  • Sharalei
    Hi @Thalidar

    For housing you cannot go past Essential Housing Tools

    It takes some getting used to, but the programmer @R_K has beginner videos online that you can watch to get the basics. From there, the sky is the limit, as you can even add water to a desert house, snow, etc. Honestly, the best addon for housing ever!

    Also, from the same Addon Developer, you should get Magic Carpet

    This addon lets you fly around in the house, above it, out to sea, etc. So, you can place things up high, or simply enjoy the ride. :smiley:

    As for a smaller home to start with, that depends on your taste. I personally think you cannot go past Velothi Harbour for nice basic home layout. The smaller house in The Rift (sorry, forgot it's name), is a great traditional layout, two story. But check them all out, as they are all able to be visited before purchase.

    Most of the smaller homes are best purchased "unfurnished", and you can have guildies make you furniture, or purchase some cheap enough. The more advanced, larger homes, consider furnished, as the furniture itself is expensive to buy.

    Hope to see some of your decorations soon! Please keep us updated. :)
  • Thalidar
    Thanks @sharalei,

    Great to hear about Alv Velothi and Old Mistveil Manor as good starter homes. They're actually the 2 I like the most in game so happy to hear that I wouldn't be over extending myself

    I've already got a few patterns as well as items saved up for them. My only frustration is the difficulty in finding them or the crazy prices on traders. 3k gold for a pillow seems rather over priced... (sigh)... time for me to join a trade guild.

  • Sharalei
    @Thalidar Join a friendly guild also, or a housing guild, because then your guild mates will be able to craft furniture for you if you have the matts. Pillows are much cheaper that way, as are most furniture items.

    A trading guild is great to make gold. It's worth paying a tax each month to be in one that's in a good, city, location. You will make much more gold, so will be able to afford the tax. :)
  • Jaeysa
    Another couple addons I love:
    • Homestead Engineer - allows a little bit more precision in some aspects.
    • Deco Track - lets you track furnishings across houses and characters and storage containers
    • Furniture Catalogue - has a list of all the furnishings in the game, where they're obtained and if crafted, what matts are needed. Works with Master Merchant for finding craft cost.
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