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Dungeons STORY videos - For those that had to skip

Greetings everyone,

A lot of poeple asked me to edit and publish videos about the STORY in Dungeons, as they were missing it due to their group being impatient.

I'm intending to do a video serie that cover all stories from Dungeons.
I try to keep the lenghts reasonable so you only have dialogues, some scenes and bosses fights.

Hope you like it


Edited by Elloa on May 4, 2014 1:05PM
  • Kroin
    Why would i skip, im the Healer if they dont wait they die muahaha :)
  • Elloa

    Second walkthrough video showing the Story and all bosses fights of the lvl 20-25 dungeon "Wayrest Sewers" on the Daggerfall Covenant.

    I'm playing with a lvl 20 orc dragonknight tank, a lvl20 ish nord dragonknight dps and a lvl16 Khajiit Templar DPS. My Breton Templar healer is lvl 18.

    Some fight were a bit slow, so to keep the video 15min long I had to shorten some of the fights. I tried to do it in a discreete fashion.
  • Elloa

    Darkshade Cavern walkthrough - full story and all bosses fight

    Another Story video! Hope you wil enjoy it!

    That video had been such a pain! I discovered that my recording (that you can only do once, as you can do the quest only once in each Dungeon) was freezing and lagging, like for the Banished Video that is ruined for ever. The good thing is that the story is less entertwined with the fights than the Banished Cells Dungeon, and so I recorded a second run, without the story to replace the laggy fights.

    This explains why you see two different groups :)

  • Laura
    you kick ass!
  • Magdalina
    Kroin wrote: »
    Why would i skip, im the Healer if they dont wait they die muahaha :)
    Actually, the majority of them manages to rush off and get themselves killed before healing me finishes reading, because they're smaaaaaaart:P

    But then I found the one group which always had the opposite problems - healers running away and getting killed while they were reading, and now we're doing dungeons together<3 So awesome.
  • Elloa

    Elden Hollow, walkthrough with all discussions and all bosses fights.
    We were three, so fights were lastingtoo long to fit the video, I had to shorten them a bit.

    Hope you 'Enjoy!
    Edited by Elloa on August 18, 2014 12:41PM
  • Elloa

    Heya everyone,

    Amazing Dungeon in the desert! Hope you will enjoy the story of that one! It was very interesting.
    Of course you do not see the chain quest that happened before the Dungeon, where I had to go in various Ancient Dwemer ruins to find the journal of Tharayya and follow her trace.
  • Anastasia
    This is outstanding - appreciate you taking the time to do this.

  • Elloa
    Hey hey everyone,

    As the UPDATE 5 will release City of Ashes Veteran, I figured that it would be nice to publish the first sequel of the Story of City of Ashes.
    As usual, all dialogues and all boss fights!
    Hope you will enjoy it!


    PS: Thank you @The_Adoring_Fan
  • Elloa

    I'm sorry for the long time I toke to edit a new Dungeon Story video!
    The Maomer are attempting to summon a Storm that will destroy Malabal Tor! find out how we stop them!
    All bosses and dialogues.

    This video had been recorded before the facial animation change. Sorry for that!
  • Jitterbug
    Cool idea
  • Tasear
    Thanks for sharing this with us so long ago.
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