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Quest focus keeps changing

The quest focus and pointer keeps changing. Is there any way to make it stay where it is set?
  • Anastasia
    The quest focus and pointer keeps changing. Is there any way to make it stay where it is set?

    Hmm not sure exactly what you are talking about. My experience so far is that for instance when I start a particular quest, on the bottom of my screen while in Journal mode I select "Show on Map." If I bring up the journal again on the other side of the city, my quest marker is still there. However, if you for instance run a few steps and then bring up your journal and select another quest to review or something, that would take the quest marker you had off.

    Hope this helps, have fun in Tamriel today!

  • AlexDougherty
    If you enter or leave buildings it will shift. It can also shift if you enter or leave an area that has it's own map, such as some towns.

    The pointer orientates toward the nearest point of access, so you can get to where you need to go. If you move so much that another door becomes nearer, it will shift to that.

    The problem is that the Devs tried to make it idiot proof, you just need to adjust, either follow it to the new point, or if you know were the previous door was, go there.
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  • oldspook619
    I think it's dumb that it don't stay on the quest it was set for until the quest is completed or it is reset by the player.
  • Elsonso
    I don't recall it making changes to my quests prior to completion.

    I have noticed that, when arriving at a quest target, if the quest completes and a new one is issued, the game does not default to the new quest but finds another quest to display.
  • Blkadr
    The pointer shows every quest you're on so you have to read the name of it before you charge off in that direction, I've done that wayyy too many times. I wish they would hide the ones you're not focused on at the moment. :(
  • Nestor
    This aspect bugs me more than the lack of bag space. I hate the quest focus changing to what ever it wants when I am working on a quest. I can not count the number of times I have left a dungeon before completing a quest because I followed the marker to some other quest I was not working on.

    Leave the focus alone until I change it. I think I am going to have to try this mod out, it is supposed to let you only focus on the quest you want, and leave all the others hidden.
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  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    The problem I am having seems to be certain quests won't allow me to select them from my journal (they stay greyed out even if i was working on them a second ago) I am trying to complete a murkmire quest and did not select another quest nor did I pick up another one - the game just decided "Nope you are doing what I tell you to do"

    VERY frustrating as i need to find another item but I can't find it on my map due to the game not allowing me to focus on the quest I need!
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