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NA/ALL House Gunzih- Imperial Daedra Hunting House

Soul Shriven
House Gunzih is an Imperial Noble House RP guild, focused around hunting daedra and the undead. The House has stood for almost an era, lending it's hand to the Empire whenever the need arose. View the Guild Backstory here. We host a variety of different events, and offer an in-depth training system that offers individual character progression through training events. Our weekly Schedule can be seen below:

Sunday: Recruitment Night; 10 pm EST
Monday: Training Night; 10 pm EST
Tuesday: Guild RP; 10 pm EST
Wednesday: Guild RP; 10 pm EST
Thursday: Guild RP; 10 pm EST

We accept many different roles, and open ourselves to a wide range of RP. Be you a merchant, thief, assassin, etc. If you're willing to work with us and find a way to incorporate your individual RP within our Guild RP, there's no limit to what's possible. If you need more information, or would like to talk about alliances, cross-guild RP, or any other matter, please feel free to comment below or message me on Enjin, or in-game, @Budaru.
Doryn Gunzih; Lord Commander of House Gunzih
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