Chronic Chronologer (Murkmire Collectible) Guide!

Hello everyone!! Here is my latest guide, showing you the locations of the tablets needed for the achievement Chronic Chronologer! This Achievement awards 15 AP, and a Replica of the Xinchei-Konu. While Completing this achievement you will also complete the achievement Those Who Swallow Seasons, for an additional 10AP. Enjoy!

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  • dtsharples
    Awesome, thanks for the tips :)

    Do you also know if the item is 'Unique', like the Scale Model of Vvardenfel?
    Or could multiple characters complete the quest for a 2nd copy?
  • dtsharples
    Just done it.
    It is a unique item, and similarly to the Scale Model you can have only one :)
    Looks great though.
  • static_recharge
    The scale model is a collectible and so is the calendar. Means you can have one copy per house but you can use it in every house.
    @Static_Recharge | Guild Leader | Grievance | Elder Scrolls Online Chapter | Aldmeri Dominion
  • Hotdog_23
    Thanks for sharing.
  • CruelCult
    This khajiit thanks you!
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