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My First House\Autumn's Gate\RP-Housing Stuff

Hello there.
I've been into the housing for quite some time by now, but never ever before managed to crate something that I like myself. Well, today is the day I am happy to say I like the way my first completely (more or less) furnished house looks like, and I feel like sharing it with you, community folks.
I was thinking of a short showcase video, but I feel it does not deserve a whole movie (even a short) at the moment.
I am very interested of hearing your thoughts and opinions about my work and on it's improvements, so please, feel free to leave the comments, I really appreciate it.

Few things to note:
  1. I never wanted to make the most fancy or pretty place of my homes . I want the houses to be realistic. When I work and think of placing certain item - I always ask myself - would I put it there if I lived here. So I guess some might be dissapponted of how ordinary my houses look.
  2. I have my own, quite specific taste\style. My first house that I started decorating was Ald-Velothi house on the north coast of Vvardenfell, but I abandoned it simply because I could never be fully satisfied with what I did. Something always feelt wrong, "not in place", "not fitting".
  3. I create houses FOR the exact characters, so here is story of Ismyr The Ironbeard:
    Ismyr The Ironbeard, the nord (skaal) man who was born in hards lands of Solstheim. Belonged to the peacefull tribe of skaal, but went into self-exile after killing a stranger in a flush of a rage (the character is dragonknight, huehue). He decided to dedicate his life to saving as many lifes as possibly to redeem what he has done (even though those rage attacks still happen to him sometimes in a moments of great stress). Helped to restore the peace in Skyrim (Eastmarch and Rift queslines) and then heard the call of Forge-Mother Alga and went to the Orsinium. Gravely perceived what happend in the end of Orsinium main questline and went to travel Wrothgar with no real purpose or goal, but in the end settled in the Rift (Autumn's Gate).

And finally, there go the screens of my house (screens cutted off weirdly though, for some reason - I will most likely replace some screenshoots\add new ones later on, when the maintance is over):

With best regards, @The_Tarantian, PC EU

Edited by The_Tarantian on December 1, 2018 10:44AM
Erin Go Bragh, Erin go Braugh !
It's Irish for "you're ***".
  • Thalidar
    Looks really good. I'm also looking at Nord homes at the moment so great to see how this one would look like furnished.
  • Aurelle1
    Very nice. Love the 'wanted' poster on the fireplace, and Tythis hiding behind the tree in the corner!

    Looking forward to more pics :)
  • The_Tarantian
    Thanks for you kind words, good folks.
    I probably should have hided Tythis and target dummies for this matter, but I did not as it represents the daily state of my shelter.

    But anyways, here are the better screenshoots:

    There are few things that bother me though:
    1. I like really those khajity carpets, they are my favorite ones. However I wonder, do they actually fit this house style?
    2. I feel like the kitchen part is still somehow clunky. Any ideas on how to improve it?
    3. Considering Autumn's Gate is right next to river, do I really need a well in there? xD I could have made some kind of toilet\bathroom instead.

    p.s. I swear to God the screens were normal when I was saving them, but my *** PC still managed to screw up most of them with that thing on top, which also cuts off significant part of a bottom side. I should have made a video instead, would be much easier...

    Edited by The_Tarantian on December 2, 2018 11:40AM
    Erin Go Bragh, Erin go Braugh !
    It's Irish for "you're ***".
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