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House Furnishing upgrades?

I purchased CliffSide unfurnished and regret that. I cant see a way to upgrade it to fully furnished. Is there a way to do that, and if not, dear developers please add this as a feature of home ownership. "crafting" for me turned out to be too tedious and purchasing from others just too darn expensive. Going forward Ive purchased my other homes fully furnished but Cliffside remains barren. :-(
  • Woefulmonkey

    I definitely think they 'should' do this... although their is the question of what happens to 'existing' furniture you have placed if you 'Upgrade' to the original 'Furnished' version of the home.

    The easiest way to handle that I can think of would be un-place all furniture and reset the home to a default furnished state when you get the 'Upgrade'.


    I have not really tested all furniture, but I know at least some furniture is 'shared' between houses.

    Stuff like 'Service' items And Trophies definitely are available to all homes. So you can reuse those items in all homes.

    Are you saying you can't use the furniture you 'do' have from your other homes to furnish the Cliffside home... or is that just not the furniture you want to use?

    Also they periodically make Furniture Packs of different styles available in the Crown store, and they always have basic Bedroom, Kitchen, and Garden items available.
  • EternalDiva
    They should let us buy the furnishings in a pack. that way it would not matter if we already have furnishings in the home we could access the purchased back and lay it out manually. not as elegant a solution as buying prefurnished. which now I do for each home. but there is no way I can afford all that furniture for the larger homes that I neglected to buy furnished. no packages with much in them are sold by elderscrolls store and they are cost prohibitive to purchase ingame from other players.
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