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Blocking players on XB1: "Player has been removed from ignore list"

There is an extremely annoying reoccurring error message on xbox right now. When you block someone via xbox live, you begin to receive ingame messages in your text box in the yellow "system" text saying "Player has been removed from ignore list", even though you have NOT removed them from your ignore list. This happens VERY frequently. I blocked 3 players the other day, and every 2-5 minutes I'd receive 3x messages simultaneously notifying me they'd been removed. I'll upload a clip later where there are 50+ of these messages in my text chat history over the course of an hour.

Would be a nice QOL to fix, as this affects all XB players (i've seen other players having the same issue).
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  • supaskrub
    Agreed, why on earth we need reminding who’s blocked almost every time we go to a new instance i’l never know.

    It’s another one of those annoying things with chat, but this is right up there as being the number 1 irritant with guild chat colours not being global for all characters.
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