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New Trials Guild (EU-PC) Trials and Errors.

Guild Name: Trials and Errors

We are a newly formed Trials Guild with a focus on both Casual and Trials Progression.
The aim is to start with normal trials, learning them inside out before moving on to all Veteran Trials content.

CP600+ (no CP requirement for normal trials)
Must be 18+
Schedule- Specific days and times will be determined once we have enough members.
Language: English
A positive (Fun) attitude, with a willingness to learn, help others and be properly geared when we advance to Veteran Trails.
We are also looking for experienced trial leaders who can share their knowledge and assist in shaping the trial groups.

Contacts: @hollow264 / @Razors-Edge

PM the above contacts if you are interested or leave your @name below for an invite or any questions.
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  • karios525
    Please add @karios525 I just switched from running a vet trials guild on na servers now looking to play more casually, help and train players both new to normal and vet trials. I main tank cp 728 right now, happy running pledge runs etc as well if needed. Still gotta farm alkosh shields and swords lol after running with core groups one thing i noticed since stepping back was a lot of players got sidelined because they weren't in any core group, so to make it clear (at the risk of you not being interested in recruiting me lol) I am not interested in core group nonsense as I found when you have enough capable players, just rotate them. I ran groups min cp 350 and 25k dps through craglorn trials without issue. Hope to hear back soon.
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