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The Tamriel Coalition-Official Website-Discord -PVE/Dungeons/Events -Sets Farming/RP Lore Friendy

Soul Shriven


the guild has now its official lore/background materials and sources . come to read and discover how the coalition started , and what are the dark secrets and stories behind its origins throught the coalition chief's personal journals.i want to share this with all eso players ,come and give us your opinions!




Hello every one , Iam the GM of the Tamriel Coalition Guild , we are also present in the EU server , and with lot of our friends/guildmates making the jump to the NA side for lot of reasons, we decided to open the NA branch , and expand our community across both servers.

initially , i wanted to come here and leave a standard recruitment post hoping to bring more people into the guild, in order to build a community and have fun playing our best online game and Lore.
Then i had this idea, i am right now already writing a complete Lore and RP background for the guild ( (still thinking of a viable Lore idea to explain the guild presence in both servers..hmmm), about its key chars and GM , so i shared the begining of our guild story as a recruitment message , i hope you guys like it

Guild Presentation & Activties:

knowing that the guild has been recently created in the NA side, we are growing like fast ! , we focus on :

-Pve content ,
-Heavily planned Events with great Rewards and Prizes ! (First Event coming once the guild hits 70+ members !! rewards can vary from gold,pet,mounts to a full medium house! !)
-dungeons/setsfarming (very organized , scheduled via our official website, members can submit their wanted set/monsterset and we schedule dungeons runs everyday)
-Pledges Run
-and Questing.
-we are planning on implementing a full Roleplaying section, Tied to the Guild history, its origins, its characters and backstories !!

Why choose us ? :

Our goal is not to race through the game like maniacs , we are not too demanding , asking for people to donate, to have a certain level/gear etc.....our goal is to build a great and active community , meet people all arround the world while in the same time enjoy our shared love to the TESO world,lore and online game.

we jut love to help people out, help them level up, finish certain quest , or farm a specific set they've been struggling to get in infinite the NA server, as we just started our branch, we are currently leveling throught the game at a medium pace, enjoying the game and its activities with our actual members. so come join us !

our recruitment pocess is fairly simple and straightforward , no fees, no prerequisites, no Dram., but we always make sure to keep a healthy and mature (fun of course!) environment among our ranks.

additional infos :

Website :
discord :
GM PSN : Sfirita
Vice GM PSN : Epicgamer2233
Coalition WarChief and head of operations PSN : Crazypyro34

PS : sorry if some lexical mistakes emerge from this, english is my third language, i tried my best.enjoy !!
PS2 : thank you for reading through all this long, long post :)

=========================COALITION LORE - CHAPTER 1 : THE BEGINNING================================

Second Era, year 582 -The Rift , southeastern hold of Skyrim

........finally here ,after a long and dangerous road through the rich autumnal forest i reached Riften , i was going to meet a fellow merchant and friend at the Rethan Holding Bank . the crowded place , was full of adventurers, guilds ,and thieves , better be sharp and aware in those wonder everyone decided to hold a sword in hand and shield in their back ,especially after the historical defeat of the Mortuum vivicus by the infamous fighters guild. i walked by a group of drunk khajits singing out loud an ancient poem of some dragonborn heroes , i remember beeing caught by the rimes and meanings of its strong words .

as i was standing there, listening to that motivational peom sang by excited and drunk cats (fom which i remember some words: Dragonborn, Dragonborn ,by his honor is sworn...) a bizarre and quiet aged Elf (may be an altmer, judging from his impressive agility avoiding people in this crowded area and his very pale golden skin) started fixing me directly , i felt goosebumps as he walked toward me , covered with a shady mage light armor , you could clearly see him moving his lips as if he was whispering something, or maybe speaking some incantation ? he seemed impressively threathening ,goosebumps became a strong stressfull palpitations , heartbeats felt like hammers kicking in my chest , no one semmed to notice him at that time , as if i was witnessing an oblivion breach openning , a ghostly figure that only i can be affected by its presence ! in a mater of seconds he was behind me in a blink of an eye ,then with a warm and wise voice, whispered to me:

"Ha na- anand, i coalition will eri- uin avçe -o i fallen ones, cin will n- summoned in anand -o baur "

,what language was he speaking ? i could only catch some words , what does he mean by "coalition" ? "summoned" ? so many questions left me anxious and a little bit afraid, i must admit. i turned as fast as i could in an attempt to catch the face of this strange and mysterious elf , he was gone..vanished.. ...was that even real ? ...minutes later i sprinted as fast as i could toward the Holding Bank to find my friend, a banker and vendor i knew for long time, when swords and destructive magic were the only languages we spoke at that darker time.

i met Talka'ah as planned , we went to a local Inn, had some good skooma bottles , then i firmly changed my attitude, and began telling him what happened to me earlier , he was shook by the story, and appeared even a bit affraid and stressed , he told me to stay put, and went running like a mad argonian in dark deep water , i waited for about 5 drunk fights and couple of bottles then he came back with an ancient book , which had metalic dark ebony cover , with mysterious engravings and symbols . he told me to repeat what the elf said to me in that old and unkonwn language, he then started flipping through the book so fast and brutally that some pages were almost torn up .

after a long moment of silence, my friend seemed more calm and excited in the same time, wrote something on the back of the book and handed it over to me, it was the final translation of the mysterious sentence :

"it is time, the coalition will rise from the ashes of the fallen ones, you will be summoned in time of need"

after reading the entire book, an excitment tear found its way and dropped on the final page, leaving a little wet circle shape that will mark the beginning of a new Era, a new adventure, i finally understood my destiny, the origins of that mysterious elf, and why all those recent events led me to this city, to this friend, to this exact moment . the fallen ones , my ancestors...the coalition had to rise again.

To be continued....

-Chronicles Of The coalition - the beginning- 2E582

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  • Sfirita
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    Guild News

    We proudly announce that the two first documents about the guild's origin and lore have been added to our official website. if you are a dedicated ESO player, who love to be part of a guild who cares about the story/background of the guild they belong to , then you are at the right place.
    PS : i edited the first post to include this news.

    i also want to apologize for all those who were trying to reach our HR and GM in order to join our guild and were left without any answer or response, we were'nt active the last month due to personal life and the guild was barely starting the recruitment process. we now are fully recovered, and the coalition is on its feet !

    that been said , i'm also happy to announce that the first future event will kick very soon, and it will be something huge, merging RP/lore and ingame PVE activities, there are lot of stories and secrets to uncover withing the coalition and its adventures!
    stay tuned in our website for more informations.
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    Invite pls.
  • Sfirita
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    Psn. russelmm0828

    Invite pls.

    Hi there ! Invitation sent !
    Welcome to the coalition , brave soul !
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