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vMSA - which bow should I use?


I want to try MSA with my stam DD, which bow would you recommend and why?

1. 5pc set bow ( VO, TFS, any other set ideas?)
2. master bow
3. msa bow ( I already have some msa bows, have done msa with my mag DD)

thx for your input
  • Danksta
    vMA bow
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • Supernatural
    Maelstrom Bow, nothing else comes even close.
    Maelstrom Arena - World's First Nightblade 600k Score - 02/18/2017
  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    VMA bow. Hail+Caltrops+Trap, will spawn kill just about any portal in the arena. On Stam, I find it best to camp one portal with ground dots, be standing next to a second one that you immediately kill at spawn with single target abilities, and you can already be moving towards the third portal before anything has time to hit you.
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  • Kanar
    What's MSA?
    Kanar wrote: »
    What's MSA?

    Maelstrom arena
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