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Ghost hitboxes in Blackrose Prison

I've noticed that the hitboxes for the ghosts on the last stage are kind of janky. I'm used to vMA ghosts that tag you if you brush their sleeve, but the ones in Drakeeh's Cage either have to be right on top of you, but will sometimes pass right through you. This would be a good thing if it wasn't for the last boss mechanic where you actually have to grab the ghosts. Beating it on vet took longer than expected because we'd often run through a ghost 2 or 3 times without being able to pick it up because of its hitbox. Is this intended?
  • BuddyAces
    From my observations, if you're holding down that sprint key you're going to go right through them. If you need to run to them, stop on them, don't run through em. If you're able to just normal speed up to em then you're golden every time. Any kind of speed boost and they can turn wonky.
    They nerfed magsorcs so hard stamsorcs felt it,lol - Somber97866
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