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when can we change our Profile name to be different from our account login?

thank you I have been patiently waiting to be allowed to change my profile name/@Userid to be something different from my account login. your prompt response to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  • ZOS_AmeliaR
    There is no option to use a display name in place of a UserID. UserIDs will display publicly in-game and should be chosen with this in mind.
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  • caryhammub17_ESO
    I know it wouldn't be today, but could you look into creating a second username that is not our actual account name for identification across our alts. Champions Online had a setup where you had your login name, then a chathandle that would then be associated with your character name. They were not allowed to be similar.

    Such as account name( used to log int to game ) would be bobdole732, and the in game visible to all account unifier handle would be @flintstone.
  • Poisinivy
    this is what I am requesting and hopefully it will be implemented
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