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Blades of Oblivion recruiting

Blades of oblivion we are a free social/trading group. Bank and guild store open after a one time 10k donation. This is a very helpful friendly coed guild. Pve trials dungeons quests etc and pvp mostly AD.
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  • TheCalvinist
    Leave comment or join us on FB.
  • TheCalvinist
    We have auctions once sometimes twice a week. Raffles, almost never goes without a trader. Have a millionaire raffle going on right now. We go by the actual Blades ranking system so if you’re into rp you can definitely accomplish that here.
    Psn kd116fam
  • TheCalvinist
    Perks we have weekly sky shard hunts lorebook hunts, an, dolemans etc. player of week and player of the month voting with prizes. FB group and discord. Guildhall with all crafting stations target dummies even trial dummies.
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