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Fixed casual raid group is searching for 1dd OR tank for thursdays raids - read requirements

Fixed casual raid group butterflies (from raid guild Avalerion) is searching for 1DD or Tank for thursday raids at 20:00 cet
As a grp we finnished all craglorn HM, vAS,vMoL HM and vCR+1
Our raids are chilled buddy raids and we dont go for score runs. we look for nice player thats chilled and likes to joke around but still tries hard in raids.
If u think this is something u would like write me here or ingame to @Kagura89

requirements for DD are:

+- 47k dps selfbuffed (depending on a class)
vMoL and speed run
all craglorn HMs

for tank: everything mentioned up just with exp in vMoL HM and excluding dps ofc ^^
Edited by Kagura89 on November 6, 2018 10:13AM
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