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New Item Slot

Was wondering if a new item slot would be a good idea? Thinking more on the likes of a cloak slot where you where cloaks, caps, scarves with physics maybe? Would look cool and would be nice little way to get more stats and maybe a new way to work with matching sets and what not.
  • VaranisArano
    We don't get capes with physics.

    We get capes that are stapled to our butts, like the Breton Hero costume.
  • Tucker3711
    Just had to comment...
    Edited by Tucker3711 on November 3, 2018 12:36AM
    @Tucker311- PC
    Nord Beth Rose (EP)
    Imperial Freya Var (DC)
    High Elf Hestia du foyer (AD)
    Wood Elf Epona Caoin (AD)
    Hotstuff Queen
  • Cillion3117
    Cloaks would be cool, but ONLY if the physics worked.
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