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New addon "FCO Mounty": Changes your mount depending on the zone/map

Hi there,

just finished my new addon FCO Mounty:

This addon will give you the ability to change your mount depending on your current location (zone).
e.g. use a camel in the Alik'r desert, and a horse in Stormhaven.

In addition the addon is able to block your horse training skills. You are able to level only one specific horse training until it's maxed out this way, without clicking a wrong training button by accident.

-Setup your desired mount for a base map zone and for some subzones
Your chosen mount will be used if you do a /reloadui or any other loading screen in the zone.
You need to unmount if you change a zone without a loadscreen/reloadui in order to mount on your desired subzone mount!
-Disable the train feed, train, speed, train carry buttons at the stable.

Just open the addon settings via chat command /fcoms (or manually by pressing ESC key) and click the button "Current zone".
The zone and subzone (e.g. a city at the current map) will be selected in the dropdowns and you can choose your mount for that zone + subzone now.

If you want to set a mount for the whole zone (map) just change the subzone dropdown to "-ALL-".

Please download it here (or via Minion addon manager) and post comments, bugs, feature requests at the comments of the addon

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