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"primary" residence and BASEMENTS

Is there any way for friends to visit any of your housing except for "primary" house?

Also - Basements!! Make us basements to buy.
- Multi-floor options.. one big arena.. 5 floors w/stairs.. etc..
- Different styles (stone, wood, cave, daedric, breton.. etc..)
- open pvp option. Setting to allow anyone to kill anyone - for tournaments or group events.
- make it instanced so you can allow more items

people could spend hours decorating and dollars to buy stuff. If you did pvp and an arena, people could buy walls and blocks and made interesting arenas. How about bleachers and an arena for guild sponsored tournaments with fabulous prizes. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Come on get this on the project list. It would be a money maker!
  • WolfStar07
    Not in game. They would have to use an addon such as Port to Friend's House.
  • shipv
    I'll try that. Thank you!
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