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Potion Makers Add On

Been away for awhile. Updated all the addons using Minion. The Potion Maker addon is still red, not usable.

It mentions I need Libaddon menu, Libstub which i have. It also mentions libalchemy, which isn't listed Minion.?
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  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    There are 2 different 'versions' in minion for potion maker, and the one that seems to be working and up to date at the moment is what minion is showing me as: Potion Maker (For Alchemy Crafting). And the last update date for it is: 10/20/18. That should help narrow it down properly. It looks like one of it's earlier versions is still listed on minion, which might have been the problems. I had to uninstall that recently when I played around with moving my addons folder, and ended up with a few that no longer work put in. Hopefully this helps, as that should be the most workable version.

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