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Is there any counter to a dedicated healers?

I'm in a phase where literally every game is like this
There's just too much healing. It gets impossible to do a single kill.
If your team doesn't have a healer too, it's a stomp
If it does, it becomes a healing battle and the game will take 15 minutes
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  • Lieblingsjunge
    There's a lot of ways to counter healing.

    Defiles. DoTs, lots, lots of DoTs. There's a reason so many(Especially on EU) is still running Reverb. Bash, so they get the defiles.

    Ofc healing is supposed to be a thing in a game, where the generic "2x DPS; 1 healer; 1 tank" is encouraged(in PvE that is).
    Healing your friends in PvP should also be a thing. But there *are* ways to counter it, quite a lot of ways. You just can't be a potato spamming light attacks. :>
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  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    Spin-to-Win cheese seems to do the trick, just Dawnbreak and spin to win and they're toast. This is coming from the perspective of a healer in full heavy gear, all impenned out, and running Transmutation to buff my allies as well as myself. I also have like 25k health or so in BGs, which is optimal, and my positioning / gap closers are fine. If a spin to win gets to you, you just die man. You can disengage all you want; however, soon as they get on you, you just die.
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  • Thogard
    Don’t focus on that team.

    Focus on stealing that team’s kills.

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  • Zer0oo
    Spam javelin on them till they rage quit or die of fall damage. Works really nice on the fog map.

    Other than that if you are not a organized grp it will be really hard to deal with a full speced healbot. And even harder if the rest of the team are no potatoes and running tanky setups with off-heals them self and actually watch out for their healer. At this point just ignore them and focus the other team or get an organized grp.
    EU player that is salty about BAD performance and not working BGs
  • wheem_ESO
    Depends on what kind of healer you're talking about. The ones that queue with one or more high damage players, while running Guard, doing a lot of blocking, etc...are probably not going to be killable for most teams made up of solo queued players.

    I've only been back playing for the past two evenings, after taking something like 4-5 months off, but I've seen a few solo queued healers in the BGs that I've done. Those players are sometimes very durable, but they're not nearly as bad as the ones rolling with a premade (even just a duo). A lot of solo queued DPS players won't be mindful of line of sight or range of their healer, and will oftentimes abandon them to chase kills and whatnot, which can give you opportunities to focus fire someone down.

    But yea, if you see at least one high damage player (almost always a Stam build...because, well, it's Stam) with a Guard beam between them and a healer, just try to steal some kills, knock them into lava or off of ledges, or maybe get lucky and spike someone down on occasion (this is a much more realistic option if your team has access to Negate, and can time it properly). The average solo queued group is probably going to get wrecked pretty hardcore, though.
  • Mojomonkeyman
    A good magicka warden that knows how to use corrupting pollen is probably the best counter currently available.
    Koma Grey, Chocolate Thunder, Little Mojo (MMR too high, RIP) & Mighty Mojo Monkey
  • Azurya
    lately, my healer was riding through the wide fields in Cyrodil, an AD comes across and thought, I try to kill you.....
    he wasn´t able to do, and as he run out on resources my heal killed him,

    don´t mess with a healer!
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  • Grimlok_S
    Dedicated damage dealers, usually.
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    Class context
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  • SupremeRissole
    focus healer, defile, get them to half health with dots ticking, stun/ulti dump, execute.
    problem solved
  • ATomiX96
    • rending slashes
    • infused torugs double dual wield, poison, disease, oblivion and stamina restore

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