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Hi, looking for a solid vdsa team.
I've done it 3 times before all under 1 hr. Once was like 30-40 min.. looking for one of those.
I am a 780cp mag nb able to pull ~45k solo dps.
PS4 console, gamertag: SSJ2ronni. Add me, message me, whichever. Home on weekdays, work on weekends. Let me know.
  • ZarkingFrued
    I still need to do it, I've beat it once, got crap drops, never able to find another group. I'm not rocking 45k dps tho lol, 32k. Also have a very strong tank tho
  • SSJ2ronni
    @ZarkingFrued Okay sweet let's get together today if you have time I'm available we can group up see if we can find others. I sense people are scared of this dungeon for some reason... I've done it before with ease and I could do it even better now so... alright lets do it. I only have my op dps lol sorry itll be harder to find a tank, but if you got the sustains we can do 3 dps 1 tank. If the group will struggle then maybe we'd need a healer. I can hold my own. Hows your tanking? I have 2 friends who could also tank. Problem is to set the whole team up together. Let me know what time is comfortable for you.
    Edited by SSJ2ronni on October 17, 2018 1:06PM
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