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New to BG and pvp

I have a friend thats brand new to eso. I am new to pvp and champion 400ish. Would it be better to queue up together with brand new character so we dont get matched up with vets? How does the match making system work with new players to bg? Thank you
  • ChunkyCat
    You queue faster than people who have been playing longer.

    The BG itself isn’t rocket science. Just don’t run out of health.
  • Thogard
    You won’t have to worry about getting matched up with vets until you’ve got plenty of matches under your belt. You’re fine for now.
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  • SugaComa
    I'll be honest ... You want to matched up with vets ...

    I know it sounds counter intuitive ,but I feel if you play the game and you're not getting vets beating the crap out of you your voice g to be thinking your build is fine and never really adjust to improve ...

    I have friends with awesome builds and I duel them so as to test and tweak my build

    I'm far from a good a player ... But if I can stay alive against them for some reasonable time I know I will fair reasonably well in BGs

    I spent months in cyrodil thinking I was awesome running 7 light all devines in a ball group taking little damage and sharing in kills (daily quests completing) it wasn't until I got cornered and got wrecked I realised I was bad, so is tarted messaging better players on the opposite factions asking about my play style and stuff and always attacking them when I saw them, with them destroying me most of the time

    Now I'm a little harder and sometimes I even get lucky and win ....

    But as I said ... You learn more from fighting real players than fighting potatoes
  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    Only thing I 120% suggest is get to CP 160 before you even consider queuing up with other 50's. If you're solo queuing up and are under 160, your team will 100% write you off as incompetent because you simply aren't geared out yet.

    Oh hey, it's @ChunkyCat. I see him frequently in matches, I'm Rizz the Filthy Dinosaur. That heal warden.
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