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Put penalty for queuing then declining.

When queuing for bg lots of time it tick to zero then nothing. Because someone declined the effing queue. Please put at least a 5 minutes penalty to those that queue for bg but dont bother acceting it or purposely declined it. Declining their queue for bg should be penalize. People should think carefully before queuing. So that those who actually want bg can enjoy the fun and carnage they queued for.
  • Hixtory
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  • idk
    It is very likely no one is declining. It is an easy assumption to think that several different people declined in a row but it is actually a bug that has existed in GF for a long time now. You can queue with a full group and it still happens often.
    Really, idk
  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    I agree that declining queues is annoying; however, you have to consider the variables (and I'm not siding with decliners here, I'm with you on how annoying it is lol):

    They could be part of a party and in battle, just not seeing the queue. Could be in a party and away for a moment, I always tell the team I run with regularly with that if I go away, pause the queue until I'm back.

    There is an addon out there that a guildy of mine runs with in BG's that auto accepts queue pops, he loves it. I don't run it because if I'm away, it's usually longer than the 1 minute countdown. I don't want to be pulled into a match as well and be away for awhile, all the while the match has already started lol.
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