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Matching gear to your character

One of the ways we can explore characterization in Elder Scrolls Online is through gear selection, and the game provides no shortage of sets to choose from. Sometimes, you might pick a particular set because you feel the name resonates with your character. Other times, it might be the fifth piece set bonus adds something to your character that really helps demonstrate who and what they are as a person. How have you used sets to define your characters? Have you struggled sometimes to find the ideal sets?
  • Starlock
    I'll start by telling one story.

    One of my characters is a ne'er do well Khajiit. When first building her, I ran her in medium armor with the Night's Silence set in spite of her being a magicka build. Medium armor mechanics complement being a sneak thief, and the removal of the movement penalty while in stealth enabled her to dart in and out while pursuing ill-gotten gains. It also enabled me to control the aesthetics of her armor since Night's Silence is a crafted set. Back before the outfit system, a major consideration in gear choices for me was aesthetics, so I would always run crafted sets so my characters looked right. Then I learned about this set called Shadow Dancer. It was like Night's Silence, but magicka based! Rejoice! But alas, does the style fit? It did - the style was none other than thieves guild! Thus she swapped Night's Silence for Shadow Dancer and has always used that set since.
  • ChrisGoesAFK
    Do you have a screenshot of your Khajiit? I would like to see the set you put together.

    I wrote a short story which is posted on these forums and I thought it would be fun to recreate my characters in game. I don’t have gear sets in mind yet but I do have an idea for each characters style.

    For example: The character Just-Die-Already is an Argonian freed from slavery and I imagine that he has had little to no interaction with his people over the course of his life. What I wanted to do was give him a mixed armor set to reflect his travels and distance from his homeland but add in a weapon of Argonian style which would serve as a reminder of who he is.

    The Altmer Mage of the story would wear more stylish gear but I am trying to find pieces that show a little wear. I also may play with colors to see if I can come up with a fading look to her items. I think of Faye as a once proud Altmer who was use to having all the best things in life. Now she finds herself outcast and has been forced to make do with what is available to her.
  • VaranisArano
    My Dunmer Vestige is currently dressed in the most stylish Altmer robes she can find...because its the only way to get these snobbish Summerset Altmer to pay attention to her while she tries to save the Isles. Normally she wears Ebon Armory - ideal for facing down hordes of Worm Cultists, armies of zombies, and the titans of Molag Bal and coming out on top.

    My Breton Dark Brotherhood Silencer wears her assassin's gear while on a mission or her Montclair uniform when she's working as an agent for Queen Maraya. She's a poor cousin of the Rivenspire Montclairs who didn't appreciate their friendship with the vampire Count, so she left for the Gold Coast and found her true family there, only to return and wipe out her old family when they became vampires.
  • GuyNamedSean
    I refuse to wear a lot of armors because I can't see a reasonable Dunmer wearing them. As for sets, I tank so there really aren't a whole lot of options if I want to be seriously effective.
    Former Guildmaster of the Legion of Mournhold
    XBL: GuyNamedSean
    PC: GuyNamedSeanPC
  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    Stormhunter family of Highrock.

    Masters of the Elements and Storms.

    Found Embershield, Iceheart and VMA Lightning staff... fell in love and have actually cleared VMA with it with only one death :(

    Flipping DOPE sauce. Now I just need to get another flame or frost set, or go Thunderbug for lolz haha
  • HappyLittleTree
    My Argonian Happy-Little-Tree wears an old Shield of his "foster father" who was a Breton soldier who abandoned the Daggerfall Covenant because his battalion raided an innocent tribe and he couldn't bare it. He saved the small surviving hatchling and raised him to be a protector for those in need and to follow his heart.
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    Thuu chakkuth lod Hajhiit c’oo? Hajhiit gortsuquth gorihuth thuu gooluthduj thdeitoluu!

  • Kierro
    My outfit is the Shadowscale uniform you see a few Shadowscales wear. I've seen 3 styles, but this is my favorite. Spells-In-Shadows, and his trusty little baby Netch, Floats-On-Air.
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