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The Summerfall Culanda Laquer crisis

  • kind_hero
    Tatanko wrote: »
    kind_hero wrote: »
    After the new DLC release it will be even harder to find people, so you can only do the delve quests
    Not true at all, unless you're playing at very off-peak hours. I had no issue getting groups together for the Wrothgar dailies more than two years after that content debuted, and it wasn't during an event or anything either.

    On Sunday around 7 PM GMT, I wanted to do the Queen boss, none was there for more than 10 mins, time in which I asked in chat, someone came, but none else, so he left, so did I, went to do the delve

    Yesterday, about the same time, I had to do Cannerin... same story, moved on, did the delve. Did Korgen on my alt after that with a small group, the fight took so long I got bored midfight.

    Look, all I am saying is this culanda laquer ingredient is not really an issue to acquire if you craft from time to time, you do a furnishing piece, move on to some thing else. It is an issue if you are a crafter, if you like crafting, if you like decorating, because you need more culanda than you can acquire by doing dailies. With the release of the Psijic Villa, the demand on traders for this ingredient will rise. If you want to decorate the villa with Alinor furniture, you need to do these dailies over and over. There is no other furnishing style that has such a pricey/hard to get ingredient, the others, even tempered brass are easier to get from decon of gear. All the other DLC areas have a style material that can be also obtained by refining dust from nodes in the DLC area. Not with this one...
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