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Molags Hideout

I spent a long time building up my Strident Springs house to be a hideout for Molag Bals followers, and spent a small fortune in the process.

I don't RP very much these days, but I did a ton back when the game first released and have much respect for the activity. So, I wanted to extend an invitation to any role players who are looking for a Daedric'y themed location to use.

I'm on PC/NA and my ingame name is @badmojo420 feel free to add me if you want access to it, or even if you just want to come take a look.

I'll be playing the part of a somewhat anti-social grounds keeper.
  • ZOS_Holden
    Community Rep
    Wow, @badmojo, your Strident Springs house looks great and it's so thoughtful of you to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to use the location. Thanks so much for sharing, and again, the house looks amazing.
    Staff Post
  • badmojo
    Going to bump this. With the port to friends house addon you don't even need to be on my friends list to enter the house now, just enter @badmojo420 as character in the addon and pick strident springs.

    I have done more work to Molags Hideout, adding items from the recent daedric furnishing packs, and shuffling some things around and removing some smaller items in favor of adding fancy new ones.

    Also I have been working on my Princely Dawnlight Palace, turning it into a pirate headquarters for my Redguard characters, but that one isn't nearly as polished as Strident.....yet.
  • esp1992
    Thinking of doing the same, but for worshipers, witches, and hunters of hircine in the new glade on October 4.


    Clouse the White Warden - Breton AD MAG Warden
    Jaro the Wild Changeling - Bosmer AD STAM Warden
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