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I seem to have lost my head.

Soul Shriven
New to the game but noticed a weird, odd little bug.
A simple restart did the fix but still a bug none the less.
p08kl3ejzare.png 2y6ja8tr2tle.png

  • Mystrius_Archaion
    Known bug with previewing the new crown crate headless mounts.
    The other thread is easily found with a quick forum search or just looking at the top 2 pages of topics since you titled your thread almost exactly the same as the other person did.
    If we wanted "challenge" in City of Heroes we would solo the content. If we wanted fun we would form a random PUG the majority of the time and just "wreck face!" feeling overpowered. That was the most fun of any game I've ever played so why does no other "newer" game design that way? I guess they like players never feeling good enough and the inevitable "max level rat/worm/insect/this-shouldn't-be-a-threatening-enemy-but-it-is" effect.
  • irena020781
    :D :D :D :D
  • irena020781
    Sorry but its funny😅 hope you get your head back 😁
    Edited by irena020781 on October 1, 2018 5:49AM
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