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Collector's editions mounts...


So i was sitting down last night, scrolling through my mounts, and then i thought to myself, why so many collectors edition horses? I know We have only really had Imperial city, Dragon bones, Wolf Hunter, Summerset, Morrowind and now Murkmire! (If there are any more, please correct me) collectors editions have horses but...i'm getting bored of them! And i'm sure a few other people are as well. So ZOS, please spice things up, give us more wolves, more guars, heck maybe even some more camels for the collectors edition, or maybe even...i know it sounds crazy...A completely new mount! But then again, this whole thing is really up to personal taste, just would like some other mount types rather then a horse, like we had for Thieves guild. Orsinium, DB, Horns of the reach, Clockwork city and Shadows of the hist.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramble.
  • VaranisArano
    Clockwork City had a fabricant kagouti. Summerset had a nightmare senche. Murkmire will likely have a lizard thing.
  • eso_nya
    Correct me if im wrong. As i remember:
    2014 there have been Horses
    2015 they added crownstore, gave out free Tigers and addeed Guars, later with Orsinium Bears.
    2016 they added Camels with Thiefsguild and Wolfes with Dark Brotherhood.
    2017 they added Nix Ox after Morrowind

    Kagouti was somewhen 2017, i know of "nightmare" and "fabricant" version, not quite sure if theres a "regular" one.
    Dwarven Spider was 2017 aswell, only during a 3 day period iirr and later on in clowncrates (i got mine from free crate, not sure when it was in the shop "officially").

    That said, theres a very low amount of new and unique mounts, compared to the cheap reskins floading the store. I am very disapppointed the "new and unique" murkmire lizzard mounts r just another retex of exiting mounts.
  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    Just as a note, there are 2 dwarven spiders. Also 2 elk/stags. Beyond that, yeah, they've avoided a lot of new mounts (though they are adding indrik, and they will be gold purchaseable, from what I hear), and there are a few reasons for it. 1) It needs to stay lore friendly, which limits things somewhat. 2) the game system is not well designed for 3-d play...What 3-d play is already here is awkward (remember all the things shooting through walls, and difficulty hitting someone on another elevation), and they really have no system for handling either flight or underwater. Unless they redesign the system to handle the 3-d, they probably won't be getting much in the way of more unique mounts (Gryphons have the distinct problems of flight issues, and people will want them to fly). Maybe they could do a baby wamasu or the like, but few others...Welwas are generally too small, and I can't think of anything else appropriate. It is unfortunate, but that's how it is at the moment.

    Sneakybo, ExSO_Gold, Demure Dragon Dealings
  • Atallanta
    I always thought that wamasu would go perfectly as a mount for murkmire..
  • DanteYoda
    I don't get it either horses are beyond boring animals in a fantasy setting.. Its weird how people seem obsessed with these things.

    They don't even add real fantasy horses like Pegasus, Unicorns, Longma's,kestrals and Peryton's
    Edited by DanteYoda on October 1, 2018 5:29AM
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