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Gladiator Proof cooldown?

I handed in a conquest board at 18:15 EST yesterday, and got a proof. I handed in another conquest today at 18:13 EST without a proof.

Previously, I've been timing it every 20+ hours and it seemed to be working as intended and today is the first day I've not received a single proof.

Can an admin or dev confirm the exact nature of this cooldown whereby we are "guaranteed" a proof on our first conquest complete every day? FYI - I submitted a ticket but as of yet got no confirmation email.
  • geonsocal
    that one a day garbage absolutely sucks...I wait like 2 days now in between opening one of those gladiator bags...

    so many times i've opened one up too early...
    Edited by geonsocal on September 30, 2018 12:33AM
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  • Mazbt
    They should make the cooldown per toon and not per account. At least.
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  • Cuthceol
    Gladiator Proofs are guaranteed from the first coffer of the day. While the second coffer received within 20 hours has a chance to contain a proof, only the first is guaranteed.

    Warm Regards,
    The Elder Scrolls Online Team
    relevant part of support response
  • Xerosus
    I've had this problem several times in the past. The "daily" arena proof hasn't been explained properly or something is wrong here.
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