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Double CC

So, you probably expect me to rant about how you can be double-CC'ed, triple-CC'ed, chain-CC'ed and so on, since you don't get CC immunity until the CC animation or your break-free animation ends.

Well, not today. Today I got pulled out of Aleswell maingate by the Swarm Mother set into a large enemy zerg, but a Javelin threw me right back into safety after some meters. Thank you, horrible CC mechanics!

PC/EU Sotha Sil

EP Zergborn
DC Zergbored

dedicated derpsorc
  • therift
    Omg lol
  • Kadoin
    It happens to me all the time. You will never break free if you get stunned + disorient since ZOS changed disorient to stuns, but left some disorients in the game...
    Edited by Kadoin on September 30, 2018 8:20PM
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