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Constant delay of all actions!!

So for the past few days, every time I do any action in the game (using abilities, selecting items, talking to npc, weapon swap, etc) there is a 3s delay. However, the weird thing is that everything else is fine. People move normally, load times normal, and even my character can move normally (though they can't sprint or move when using an ability).

I've done some testing in other games and on my internet and it is definitely an eso problem. Other online games work great, and my internet has not slowed on both wired and wireless.

However, for some weird reason, when I go to Detailed Network Statistics on the Xbox settings, it says my latency is ~400ms and my speed is half of what it should be. But when I reinstalled eso, it downloaded it on normal speed and other games and services work fine.

Tl;dr: there is a constant 3s delay on all my actions and abilities but everything else works fine.

Can someone help me or is this happening to anyone else?
  • AMo1972
    Soul Shriven
    I am experiencing the same thing. Have reinstalled the game, contacted my ISP, multiple resets and cache clears, firmware update. Nothing. Other games and devices perform fine.
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