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Is anyone having trouble saving triggers in Essential Housing Tools?

Soul Shriven
Hi guys.
Thanks to @R_K for the most amazing tool / add-on in ESO. It is a hoot what you can achieve with this. I have created an outdoor en-suite bathroom on one of my Hunding's balconies and have an auto-flushing toilet and auto hand basin.
I was making a trophy room and wanted the lights to all turn on when you enter the room. I saved all the relevant lights as a group, then tried to set a trigger that stated when I approach withing a 7m radius of a spot (centre of room) it will trigger and turn all the lights in the saved 'group' to on.

When I try to save this trigger it says "failed to save trigger: Multiple condition types have been selected. Please select only one condition type".

I cannot see how it is possible to have more than one condition type. Maybe I just misunderstand, but I don't feel I am doing anything different to other triggers I have successfully created. I have reloaded the game, turned the add-on on and off during loading, and tried multiple times but can't get it to save.

I tried linking just 1 light, and tried linking the trigger to throwing a switch, but that failed to save too for the same reason.

Does anyone have any ideas, or can see something I have missed or have misunderstood.


  • Inominatus
    Soul Shriven
    Just a couple of screenies for what @R_K has enabled in my Beach House :)

  • Easily_Lost
    You may want to report this on the Addons page on Minion ( ).
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  • R_K
    @Inominatus @Easily_Lost

    Thank you for reporting this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience.

    This has been resolved as part of Essential Housing Tools 7.4.0 which is just pending approval and then will be ready for Minion/ESOUI download. :wink:
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